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Bench-Top Probing Systems
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Bench-Top Probing Systems
Low cost probing systems large printed circuit boards

PacketMicro provides a wide-range of bench-top probing systems high-speed design engineers. Each probing system may include high-precision probe positioners, probe bridges, PCB holders, TDR probes, and calibration substrate. Both PS800 and PS400 systems can accommodate PCB sizes up to 20” in width. Customers can order longer bridges larger printed circuit boards.

Key benefits :

  • Completeness : Integrated hardware microwave (PS800) and TDR (PS400) probing
  • Ease of Use : Easy maneuverability probes and PCB under test
  • Flexibility : Stackable bridge accommodates large printed circuit boards
  • Low Cost : Fractional cost of competing solutions

PS800 Microwave Probing System
Application : Positioning system microwave probing

  • TP300 Precision Positioners x2
  • Probe bridge x2
  • PCB Holder x4

PS800 Microwave Probing System

PS400 TDR Probing System
Application : Complete probe and positioning system TDR measurement

  • TP200 Versatile Positioner x1
  • Probe bridge x1
  • Differential TDR probe x1
  • Calibration substrate x1
  • PCB Holder x4

PS400 TDR Probing System

Probe Bridge Specifications

  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Plate Size : 24”(L)x4”(W)X0.33”(H)
  • Block Size : 4”(L)x3”(W)x1”(H), 4”(L)x3”(W)x2”(H)
  • Weight : 13.2 Kg/29 lb

PCB Holder PH100

PCB holder PH100 is composed of one screw top, 1 extender, and one magnetic base.

PacketMicro Probe Positioner Family

PacketMicro provides a suite of probe positioners high-speed design engineers when they need flexible, accurate, and steady control on their probes during scope/TDR/microwave/wafer probing.

PacketMicro Probe Positioner Family

Precision Positioner TP300

To support the smallest geometry and highest precision microwave and wafer probing, the compact TP300 is designed with the most precise components and built with highest quality at the same time offers the most competitive price in the industry.
The extra large adjustment screw y-axis ensures ease of control of the microprobe.

TP300 Specifications

  • XYZ-axis travel : 16 mm with 250 µm/rev (with extra large 2” y-axis control screw)
  • Z-axis coarse adjustment : 8 mm/step (6 steps)
  • Resolution : 2.5 µm
  • control : ±10° with 2°/rev
  • Length : 185 mm/7.3 in
  • Width : 68 mm/2.7 in
  • Height : 74 mm/2.9 in
  • Weight : 1165 grams/41.1 oz
  • Base : Lockable magnet

TP300 Precision Positioner

Versatile Positioner TP200

Versatile Positioner TP200 is designed to support demanding TDR and microwave probing with accurate XYZ and probe planarization control.
The removable probe holder can tilt up and down probe angle control.
TP200 is most suitable passive and active probes with 2 or more tips, which require accurate and firm contacts with test points.

TP200 Specifications

  • XYZ-axis travel : 17 mm with 500m/rev and 5 µm resolution (Z-axis has 20 mm travel)
  • Resolution : 5 µm
  • control : ±180° with 7.5°/rev and 0.075°/resolution
  • Length : 280 mm/11 in
  • Width : 94 mm/3.7 in
  • Height : 90 mm/3.5 in
  • Weight : 1440 grams/50.8 oz
  • Base : Lockable magnet

  • * Specifications are subject to change

TP200 Versatile Positioner in a vertical probing view

Flex Positioner TP100

Flex Positioner TP100 is a 3D (XYZ) linear stage plus a flexible, articulated arm capable of being quickly configured in a wide variety of positions and orientations.
The flexible arm, consisting of four links and three joints, can simply be locked down by only one thumbscrew.
At the same time, it also allows fine-adjustment to the probe location through the xyz-axis adjustment knobs to obtain stable contact.
This universal probe holder fits most passive and active probes from all leading equipment suppliers.

TP100 Specifications

  • Control Arm : 4 links with 3 joints controlled by 1 thumbscrew
  • Arm Length : 220 mm/8.7 in
  • XYZ-axis travel : 13 mm with 500 µm/rev
  • Width : 76 mm/3.0 in
  • Height : 90 mm/3.5 in
  • Base Length : 101 mm/4.0 in
  • Weight : 3556 grams/125.4 oz (base block: 109 oz)
  • Base : Stainless steel with magnets at bottom

TP100 Flex Positioner

Other Measurement Equipments from PacketMicro

  • Differential TDR probes
  • TCS10 Calibration Substrate

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